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After studying jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, I worked independently in several London workshops.

My current workshop is a Georgian coach house at my home in Somerset. My husband and I relocated here from the Midlands 8 years ago when he bought a local Brewery.

There are two main elements to my work, the abstract and the figurative.

The way in which I work varies enormously.

The Abstract side can be a slow and organic process which often begins on paper but might involve lengths of wire and string or sheets of modelling wax and scissors.

Primarily I am searching for a satisfying form or construction that will work alone or juxtaposed against others  to form flexible wearable pieces. Once the basic form and construction is decided, I like to employ contrast as an enhancer, solid/open, light/heavy, polished/matt, dark/light. Occasionally I will introduce free hanging discs for an element of movement or coloured sea glass or pebbles for fun.

The Figurative side of my work takes a different journey. As a lifelong lover of ballet and life drawing I have always enjoyed depicting the human form. All mine are cast into silver, some from sheet wax moulded over a clay model or carved from solid wax blocks. It is a process I find immensely enjoyable and satisfying. The ever expanding collection includes dancers, acrobats and sportsmen.

Over the years I have been commissioned to produce animal pendants and sculptures in silver. Pigs for Pink Floyd, a range of endangered African animals for Tusk Force and rare breeds for farmers.

I consider myself very fortunate to have the freedom to work how, where and when I like. The variety of projects that come my way provides continuing inspiration and contact with interesting people from all walks of life.